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Work Piece Digitalisation / Build-Up Welding

In the field of automation and control we are specialists for  three-dimensional object recognition and data aquisition directly in the work cell. Each object -from injection molds of mobile phones up to automotive industry blacksmith's swages- can be scanned three-dimensional.

;application: build-up (laser) welding (pdf-File, 0.9 MB) 



The digitized data are the basis for further work procedures, which can take place via automized tool change in the same work cell. For example, a repair of damaged workpieces can be realized automatically by scanning the actual workpiece and comparing measured data with CAD data. As well the user of the plant may plan further work steps like deposition-welding, joint welding or milling based on the measured data at the PC.


application: repair of workpieces (german, 3.9 MB)    


We do not supply a standard-software with many unnecessary adjustment possibilities, for whose training you must invest much time and money. We provide you with simple and easy-to-use interfaces adapted to your specific task. If your requirements or those of the process change, the software and interfaces can be updated according to this.

Our customers receive their solution out of one hand, with a single plant, with a single software. 


Quality Control

We offer 2D-/3D-quality control even for complex surfaces with an accuracy up to 0.05mm. Laser-sensors and cameras can be used for contour-, position- and surface control. With the customized solution our product will be optimized in respect of cycle times and accuracy. Nearly all standard industry interfaces can be conneted. This enables a seamless integration of our quality control solution in your process.

our activities (pdf-file, german, 1.6 MB)           


Please contact us, if you want to receive a free costs vs. use plan for the automation of your process. Further we offer feasibility studies and preliminary investigations for your automation applications.




Humanoid Robots

humanoid robot H10

We have some years experience in development of humanoid robots. Our first robot H10 is equipped with a tft display in the head, which allows the easy change of displayed characters. The different face styles all have animated eyes and speech synchronized lip movements. The robust animatronics of his head and arms makes him suited for the hard daily work. Thus he could already perform successfully on fairs, party events and even in turkish takeaways.




humanoid robot SAM



Our newest development in the area of humanoid robotics is SAM - a humanoid robot with altogether 43 degrees of freedom. Contrary to H10 it possesses a >genuine< face equipped with fast fire-wire cameras from point grey research in his full movable eyeballs. The robot is controlled via two serial RS232 interfaces, with an increased data transfer rate in comparison to H10. Internally all the actuators of the robot are driven by our modular iModule system, which is based on fast microcontrollers progammed in C and assembler.

Sam has been developed in close co-operation with the work group applied computer science of the technical faculty Bielefeld. First, they will implement their advanced attention software on the platform; further software modules are to follow soon.

As well we provide a simulation environment for the robot with 3D-graphics, which enables the testing of diverse software modules, before these are implemented on the hardware.

Datasheet SAM (413 kB)

Movie Sam (wmv-File, 1.3 MB)

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