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Robotics & Automation


Customized solutions

We offer problem solutions, individual conception and realization in the interplay of software, mechanics and electronics.


Control and
Automation technology

Our services include all engineering, assembly, commissioning, coaching and service work.



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WeldFactory is our software for measuring and coating of freeform surfaces

In the year 2001 Animatronik.de was founded by Dipl. Phys. Matthias Hackel. Since 2004 our company is called MABOTIC - Robotics & Automation. The central idea "full of performance depth - full responsibility" is the base for the innovative enterprise. Our competence is the development and the friction free interplay of software, mechanics and electronics, following the central idea. We offer the customer flexible and fast system solutions out of one hand. In cooperation with us, the customer is able to concentrate on its core competences, while the engineers of Mabotic and partner enterprises are solving the provided tasks.
The requirements of our customers and the customer use is the main motivation of our work. We offer problem solutions, individual conceptions and realizations for many applications in the field of control and automation engineering. Automatic component measurements from mobile phones to automotive blacksmith forging dies as well as prototypes of humanoid and mobile robots are some of our references. In our projects we perform all engineering, assembly-, setup-, coaching and service work.